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Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Little Bragging on My Hometown

Steve McNair (NFL quaterback for the TN Titans), who was born in Mississippi & still has realtives living there, announced Friday that he would be paying for tractor trailers to send supplies to Mississippi, Alabama, & Louisiana & would take donations on Tuesday during a 12 hour span.

Fans' relief response amazing to McNair

Steve McNair hoped to fill six tractor-trailers with supplies for Hurricane Katrina victims in his home state of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.

The Titans quarterback's aim was a little short yesterday.

Tennesseans filed through a parking lot at the Coliseum, answering McNair's request for help by filling six tractor-trailers midway through the 12-hour drive, forcing organizers to call in more trucks.

By the end of the collection at 7 p.m., 20 trailers had been filled, and it was possible that 25 would be filled when they were done packing, said Mike Mu, executive director of the Air Steve McNair Foundation. A minimum of $80,000 in monetary donations was collected, including an anonymous single donation of $50,000.

"I'm amazed," McNair said as he looked around the lot at clothing, shoes, bottled water, diapers and other supplies waiting to be loaded into trucks.

"You have to be amazed because in a short period of time to put something like this together, my hat goes off to the people who came here who went through their closets and supplies and donated some things to send to people who don't have anything."

The foundation teamed with Ozburn Hessey Logistics, which provided the tractor-trailers. A local church provided some of the 100 volunteers, while other companies pitched in food and other supplies.

Several Titans, including Zach Piller, Tony Beckham, Lamont Thompson and Brad Kassell, dropped by to help unload supplies.



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