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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Apologies to Everyone I "Talked" to on Monday - Wednesday?

Today, I'm in a good mood. Realizing that was the first clue that earlier this week I was definitely not in a good mood. Maybe it was the horrible weekend. Maybe it was going off the diet, then coming back on & taking my body a while to adjust again. I really think it was that last part, but, you know, it could've been anything. I am a girl & I consider the ability to reverse my moods an inherent prerogative.

But even saying that, I'm never too much of an asshole to admit when I've been an asshole. I know I was an asshole to Shawna, so I apologized today when re-reading it. But I'm also sorry to anyone else I was curt with, even though I can't recall any more instances at just this second bc I have a problem with reading way too many blogs & really need to cut down on that.

I'm mostly sorry for that last sentence, but since I had to write it, I think you should have to read it. After all, if you don't read this shit bc I am an asshole, why come here at all?



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