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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

WHEW!!! What a Week!

I am officially insane.

No, really, insane. I wait until the week I have to move & the week Book 6 arrives in stores to officially start my screenplay. What the hell was I thinking? People, moving is exhausting. I had to spend 5 hours of my Saturday telling my brothers-in-law what to do & how to set up my room just the way I wanted it. Sheesh, you'd think they could've at least taken the time to read my mind so I could get on with reading Book 6.

On top of this, my workplace has somehow gotten it into their collective head that I should be working while getting paid. What kind of crap is that? I did not sign up for this & if it keeps up, I'm going to have to take my lazy, fat ass somewhere where they appreciate workers who don't actually work. I know I can find a workplace like that if I just look hard enough.

Anyway...Unfortunately bc of that, I did not have time to write at work on either Monday or Tuesday. & today I am continually getting interrupted while trying to complete this blog. GO AWAY, PEOPLE! I have better things to do.

So, in order to keep up with what I promised myself, I have gotten less than 5 hours of sleep every night since Friday. UGH, I need at least 8 1/2 hours to summon the strength to be nice to people. Oh, well, I can always say I have "feminine issues" & then they'll have to leave me alone. (YEAH! "feminine issues" always works!)

So here's a summary of my updates. & I'm going to be posting a few blogs on Book 6 today (as long as I can keep these people off my back).


Screenplay - Finished Treatment. It is 27 pgs long. Started on the screenplay Monday night. So far I've completed 13 pgs (3 pgs ahead of schedule, but that's bc of the way the scenes break down. & I may take the liberty of only writing ~2 pgs today.).

Weight Loss - Lost an additional 1.5 lbs. (I weigh in every saturday morning, but bc of the moving & busy week I left my blogging duty until today.) This is a new low for me since I started my diet (about 2 1/2 months ago). I must either be hitting a plateau or my body is so used to the diet & exercise that I'm now going with the norm (1-2 lbs per week). Also, most professionals recommend tracking your relative health by knowing your BMI; so, this Saturday I'm going to start keeping track of my BMI, too.


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