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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Look at Me! I'm a Gymnast

Yesterday, Jim from theawfulwriter commented on my harry potter post & mentioned he had blogged about it, too. I reread my two posts & realized something. In all of my blogging, not once did I mention what I loved about the book. So, I kicked my own ass. (you don't have to applaud, jeez)

Top 10 scenes/subplots I loved from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: (in book order)

1. Narcissa & Bellatrix's scene at Spinner's End - Rowling had already portrayed Bellatrix as one of the most ruthless Death Eaters. Someone who could delight in killing her own cousin. But here she is, surprised at the depth Narcissa would sink to protect her only child. It's a complete understanding of full-bodied characters and plays out well in supporting the whole plot of the story.

2. The 4th book did an awesome job at the end where Moody, Lupin, & Arthur gathered around the Dursleys & "warn" them to treat Harry better, but thank goodness Rowling had Dumbledore simultaneously chide them for their treatment of Harry and Dudley. He wasn't overly threatning/accusatory, just honest. That blanket honesty made them actually think about what they had done. Wonderful.

3. Tonks and Lupin falling in love. Lupin deserved to find someone. Period.

4. U-No-Poo. 'nough said.

5. McGonagall letting Neville know his grandmother failed her Charms O.W.L.

6. Dobby and Kreacher fighting over Harry. You knew it had to happen. & Dobby got in the last punch!

7. Draco confiding to Moaning Myrtle. The scenes involving Draco have shown him as spoiled, selfish, cruel, terrified, or envious. Never have we seen him vulnerable.

8. Hermione continuing to look for any way to make the Half-Blood Prince female, even though she thinks the Prince may be a bad wizard. & if a woman would run for president, I would vote for her, even if she were a republican.

9. "I am not worried, Harry". . . "I am with you."

10. "No, Draco,". . . "it is my mercy, and not yours, that matters now."

& there were many more. There's a reason they printed over 10 million copies of just this last book.


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