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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Just Bury Your Heads in the Sand, Why Don't Ya


Few Protests Over Theater Ads, Say Movie Chains
Despite numerous published commentaries of late about how movie theater ads are driving away patrons, exhibitors maintain that they have received few complaints from the public about them and that many moviegoers actually like them. Pam Blase, a spokeswoman for AMC Entertainment, which operates the country's second-largest movie chain, told the Houston Chronicle that the chain receives one complaint for every 600,000 guests. Terrell Falk of Cinemark USA, the nation's third-largest chain, added that recent research concluded that filmgoers regard ads as "just part of the experience." His remarks were echoed by Jim Kozak, editor-in-chief of In Focus, the magazine of the National Association of Theater Owners. "When [patrons] get there early to get a really good seat, they like to have something to keep them busy, something to do besides talk to the person they came with."

Wow, you know, when I get together with some of my girlfriends for lunch, we always agree on how men just don't try hard enough in a relationship. We know that we are doing everything we can to make sure he's happy and loved, but it's the men who just don't care enough to be there for us anymore. & just bc this is coming from a bunch of women doesn't mean you should think it's biased. Oh, no. We certainly wouldn't think/say anything just to make ourselves look good.

(Without the sarcasm) In numerous buz classes at college, we were constantly told that studies have shown less than 1/10 customers will actually complain before taking their buz elsewhere. Wake up, movie chains! "Elsewhere" for moviegoers now means home, especially with DVDs coming out so quickly. Also, who in the world shows up early for a good seat? I always show up 5-10 minutes late just to be sure of skipping the ads.


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