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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

If I Could Have My Cake & Eat It Too


Note: This blog is about what I wish had been done differently in Book 6. Please do not read it if you haven’t completed the 6th book as it may ruin the book for you. Also, to keep other readers from accidentally reading this blog during scrolling, I have purposely changed the font color to fade into the background. In order to read the blog, simply highlight the text.

I am a little disappointed.

Not incredibly disappointed, just a little disappointed. Some of the things that I love the most about the book series previously seem to be missing in this installment.

Disappointment #1. Neville's missing scene. I wish there had been a scene where Neville gets to show better results with his new wand. In Book 1, Ollivander comments that a wizard will never get as great results from another's wand as his own. Since Neville had been using his father's old wand until Book 5, where it gets broken in the fight in the Ministry, I was looking forward to seeing him display some pride with the better results his own wand should show.

Disappointment #2. Lack of humor. I wish there had been more humor. The best thing about the Harry Potter book series was the amount of humor in the smallest of descriptions/phrases. (2 examples, not even the best ones.Book 1, ". . . as they watched a gorilla scratching his head who looked remarkably like Dudley, except that it wasn't blond." Book 3, Ron said during Divination class, "I'd like to see Uranus, too, Lavender.") Rowling's said that Book 6 necessarily took a darker turn bc of Voldemort being out in the open now, but I still think that a lot more humor could have been injected throughout the school year. Especially since everyone I know living in a post-9/11 United States and post-7/7 United Kingdom are still able to find humor on a, somewhat, daily basis. (I hope that doesn't offend anyone.)

Disappointment #3. The beginning. I wish it had started on a regualr Dursley day and we get to "see" when Harry gets Dumbledore's letter. I wanted to be part of the waiting and hoping with him. (I have an ?unethical? fix for this, for me anyway. Read #4)

Disappointment #4. The ending. Not the precipitous moment near the end (if you read the next blog down, you'll know why), but THE ending. I had gotten used to the previous endings in the series and, for me, the Hogwart's Express had come to symbolize the official ending of the Harry Potter series. & the way she has the ending, I have the feeling that Book 7 will not open with Ron & Hermione telling their respective parents that they will be spending the summer at the Dursley's before heading off to find the Horcruxes and, eventually, fight Voldemort. I wanted to be there for that.

So, because of #3 & #4, I wrote my own beginning & ending. For me, it completes the book even without #1 & #2. After reading the book again with my own re-writes, I've found that I'm no longer disappointed. (I question the ethics bc Rowling has said she is not a fan of fanfic. But the changes to the beginning & ending are for me, & me only, so I hope she doesn't mind.)


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